Our Invention Tutorials Are The First Steps To Success

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In many cases, people with good invention ideas simply need a push in the right direction to get started. At Invention Therapy, we can give you the invention tutorials you need to start turning your invention into a reality.

The Reality of Being An Inventor

If you have the right inventor tutorials and mindset as an inventor, you will succeed and be able to make money selling your products. The reality is that it does cost money so you will need some cash to get started. More often than not, it isn’t as expensive as you might think to build prototypes and start manufacturing in small quantities.

Don’t worry, we don’t charge for our tutorials, services or video training and only offer some upgrades such as ebooks, services and products that will help you. The truth is that you can do all of this on your own just by watching our video tutorials and getting invention information via google, Youtube and all the other tutoring resources like this website available online free of charge.

I hope you learned something from this last video and will continue on with your inventor tutorials and training.

Try to remember to think like an inventor and use your new training and the tutorials here!

  • You can invent a product to sell on your own.
  • It doesn’t cost as much as you think.
  • The internet is the key to your success.
  • Don’t waist your time and money on “invention experts”. DO IT YOURSELF!
  • Prototypes can be easy and cheap to make with today’s technology like 3D printers and CAD software.
  • Manufacturing takes money but it usually isn’t cost prohibitive when making small quantities.
  • You can outsource almost the entire invention process if you have the training and skills.
  • Invention Therapy will show you how!

Are you ready to become an inventor?

Getting your idea out of your head and into your hands is only the first in a long set of steps towards becoming a successful inventor.

First Steps To A Successful Invention

At Invention Therapy, we believe that the power of the internet makes it easier than you think to turn your invention idea into a reality. In most cases, you can build a prototype and start manufacturing a product on your own. Changing your way of thinking can be difficult. Being an inventor requires you to balance your passion with the reality of having to sell your products for a profit. After all, if we can't make a profit, we won't be able to keep the lights on and continue to invent more amazing things!

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